Friday, March 23, 2012

Review Games Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount [ Buy Xbox 360 ]

Works nice with my Panasonic 54" G25 Plasma!
I bought it domestically from gamestop at $20.00 and tax. At first, i used to be a bit skeptical owing to the reviews on this web site. However, it had been terribly simple to put in and it's terribly durable product. I put in it on my 54" Panasonic G25 Plasma that is three.5" wide. it's perfectly focused and level. additionally, it gave me concerning an additional foot of play area.

The only CON with this product is that it's reasonably "dorky" on high of my TV. the bottom of my TV is occupied by the middle surround speaker thus I had no selection.

I highly advocate this product. Most reviews here are rants of how it does not match a tv or installation errors.

Works on my 43" freestanding flat planel TV
I have a 43" plasma TV that I've mounted on a freestanding TV mount. The Kinect TV Mount works well during this setup; it holds the Kinect solidly on high of the tv. (Before shopping for the mount i would placed the Kinect in front of the TV, on a platform concerning 2 feet on top of the ground. currently that it's many feet higher the gameplay expertise is way higher -- the Kinect tracks me higher -- and therefore the footage the Kinect takes throughout games are a lot of traditional trying.)

I gave it 5 stars as a result of it works. It holds the Kinect solidly on high of the TV. I will move the TV around (it's on a base with wheels) and that i haven't got to stress concerning the Kinect falling off. it isn't an ideal product and it feels cheaply created and overpriced, however at {the end|the high|the tip} of the day my Kinect is securely on top of the's the destination that is necessary here, not the journey.

It took me many minutes of fiddling around to work out how best to mount the Mount on my TV. My TV has an higher try of screw holes where I wished to screw within the Mount. sadly, I found the arms would not extend wide enough to try to to thus. i used to be ready to attach them to the center holes instead. (The promotional footage appear to possess them attaching to all-time low of the TV, which might most likely work however those holes are blocked given the means I've mounted my TV on its stand.)

You need a flatpanel TV. Mine is 3.7" exhaustive and it looks perfectly sized for that.

I hope you enjoy and like the games, happy guessing !


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