Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review Games Xbox 360 HDE Power Supply Cable for Kinect [ Buy Xbox 360 ]

Great For laptop Motion Capture
Product arrived quickly as a result of Amazon Prime and came in a very labeled plastic bag as packaging.

It works perfectly for my purpose of 3D motion capture on the laptop when I got my drivers operating properly.

In order for the Kinnect to figure on the laptop it need further power that adapters like this give. Cable was for much longer than expected however that suited my wants fine.

Cable for previous Xbox360 with used Kinect
I recently purchased a second hand Kinect bar to use with my previous (white) Xbox 360. sadly, I didn't understand that the accent doesn't work while not an extra power cord/USB plug. As I said, I bought the Kinect used, and therefore the seller originally had it as a part of the Xbox 360 Kinect bundle - that doesn't embrace the ability wire. (The stand-alone Kinect has it, the bundle package doesn't)
Quick fix to the problem: Purchase this cable through Amazon (+free Prime shipping).

As you'll be able to see within the image, the ability cable splits into a feminine plug (for the Kinect cord) and a USB finish (to plug into the Xbox).
Everything runs nice and will specifically what it's imagined to.

Excellent... Works with laptop
I bought it to attach my Kinect to laptop. Got it in five days. Works as described. Cable is pretty long. less expensive than one sold by XBox store. Highly suggested.

I hope you enjoy and like the games, happy guessing !


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