Friday, March 23, 2012

Review Games Xbox 360 Black Silicone Skin for Xbox 360 Controller [ Buy Xbox 360 ]

Great Product!!!
This is not what I expected for the value... It fits skin tight, soft to the bit, and provides good grip. this can be an A+ Product.

Good for added management - decreases hand fatigue and slippage
I bought these (2) on a whim, thinking that it might be nice to possess a canopy on the controls to stay them cleaner. once I browse the reviews, it absolutely was clear that the added bonus would be for a more robust feel whereas gaming. I questioned if my in-game skills would improve as a result. the solution could be a definite, YES. as a result of the silicone makes the controller a lot of "grippy", it will appear to lead to less hand fatigue and permits for a lot of fine motor management throughout intense gaming. I used to seek out that the fundamental Xbox360 wireless controller was somewhat slippery beneath and that i constantly felt am fond of it was progressing to fall out of my hand. My husband complained regarding constant factor when using the controller to navigate the web menus, like apps, streaming movies, etc. i can not tell you the way repeatedly one among us would move to decide it up and it might fly out of our hands or off the table owing to the slick surface on it. That drawback is currently entirely solved, and for a really low value. We're terribly proud of these and would purchase them once more. positively advocate.

The silicone skin is solely superb. it's a really sensible grip on the controller likewise as in your hands. Also, feels terribly snug

Top Shelf
I have few, if any, complaints regarding this product. To be sure, it exceeded my expectations. The "fit" is sort of frankly, good - i will say a lot of regarding the "finish" at the top of this review. straightforward to put in and well definitely worth the cash if you would like to induce a more robust grip or simply shield your controller. My principle issue was that I actually have a frosted glass low table within the home theater and putting down and finding out the controller many times extremely took its toll on my initial 2 controllers - the glass acts like fine sandpaper, however i am not curious about parting with the table. [Just just like the Dude's infamous rug, "It extremely ties the area along."] I bought a spanking new wired controller for on-line FPS play and wish to stay it in high condition - wired is healthier, sensible individuals, wired is healthier. This controller sleeve can shield the controller well and it's been a true joy to induce a more robust grip. Frankly, I did not feel like I required a more robust grip and sweaty hands haven't been a problem on behalf of me, however I happen to love the soft texture. [It will appear to draw in the occasional cat hair, thus be warned, however it wipes off simply with a wet cloth.] for a few individuals, the soft texture could disagree, except for others I imagine it's either a welcome feature or one thing they're going to get used to and learn to like. Now, I did ought to trim a few of additional bits of silicone where the seam is with alittle try of toenail clippers and a toenail scissors, however that is not one thing i think makes the merchandise deserve a down grade. there's nothing regarding those further bits of silicone that will qualify the merchandise as defective or perhaps poorly created and that i refuse to accept on that assertion. The silicone is a few robust stuff extremely - more durable than it's or feels. there's a seam that you just will feel somewhat quite that of a controller sans the silicone skin. The seam took some obtaining used to, solely as a result of could be a bit foreign initially, however it isn't a deal breaker and admittedly i would be willing to bet you will not notice a more robust silicone skin for your controller than HDE.

I hope you enjoy and like the games, happy guessing !


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