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Free Download Counter Strike Carbon Full Version Games (440MB)

Counter-Strike (abbreviated CS) is a video game shooting the first video game is a modification of the half-life by Minh gooseman "Le and Jess" Cliffe "Cliffe. This game has evolved into a series of new games since it was launched, such as Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Source, and Counter-Strike on Xbox.

Counter-Strike team featuring counter-terrorist (CT) is against the terrorists in a series of rounds.

Actual differences Counter Strike Carbon it with others just in the mood-change in his mood changed .. but the skin and the effect that I can say is better than other counter strike.

You might already know CS as one of the best modifications for Half-Life. It is available for downloading for over a year, at least in beta form. But unless you get super-fast Internet connection in your home, you could not have played it again as almost 100 megabyte download can be difficult for the people that you are not lucky enough to have a high speed connection. Thankfully CS has turned into a massive retail game and, while the second version of the CS is the same, it will be worth $ 30 for the title of the attack is excellent ... and you get them in multiplayer some retail package to boot.

Let me start by saying that the package is Counter-Strike alone product. You do not need the original Half-Life to play this game. In the retail package you get the full version of CS and Team Fortress Classic, Team multiplayer opponent, and desired, Redemption and Firearms arena. The whole package multiplayer flushed with pleasure, but, of course, the focus is actually Counter-Strike retail release.

There is a single-player component to the CS and, while it provides a good primer, this arena is all about the action online. You actually play a game of cat and mouse, the mouse as a group of terrorists and counter terrorist squad cat. As a terrorist, your goal is to plant a bomb at a particular location or group holding hostage. As a counter-terrorist, it is your responsibility to defuse bombs or rescue hostages, said the ill-fated. Take all the players to the opposing party will also ensure your victory.

CS is like a dream and the actions, with games that drag on just four or five minutes (if that in some cases) because, unlike Half-Life, a hit to the head can mean quick death. CS is a perfect blend of fast action and realistic damage. You can not just absorb bullet after bullet and anticipate to walk. Working as a team is a must and, while you are in the game, taking lone wolf approach will usually get you killed ... and quickly.

It is team-based tactics that make CS so fun. I can not emphasize how important this game is to act as a team. If the team you are on the defensive you all will benefit by creating a cohesive strategy. If your team on the attack, you all will benefit with this closely attached. I am sure you have seen the movie or television show this style "Online conga" infiltration. Good, that exactly how your team should act. This creates a great balance of games that will be coming back for more. It will also keep you from thinking about your schoolwork, your job, and interaction with their loved ones, and often work around the IGN offices will be delayed so that we can clog our network with CS.

Visual game will not disappoint. Half-Life engine, while not the most beautiful animals out there, there are a lot of animation that creates a smooth look and feel, and model guns are some of the most realistic shooters found of any there. Texture look realistic enough environment and complement the available disguise is good enough for you that is hidden, but not always invisible. In real life, distinguishable difference between the good and the bad is a little difficult, but this balance is if you can not tell who it is then you may not be able to hit him with your pistol. Now, if you have purchased sniper rifle, you should have a much enlarged scope to tell the difference between terrorist or counter-terrorist, but if not, you can take a team member from a distance.

As good as it is, some features of this game really stand up as a disappointment ... at first. But for the time they actually become complete an online multiplayer game. A feature buy your weapons at the beginning of each rotation. This takes a little used to at first since, most shooters, you just ran to grab the weapon in your hearts. Usually by the time you think of guns, grenades, and armor you will take in your early game, the bad guys will come and kill you. But some try later, after getting the essence of things, you in a short time. Other features take some getting used to feature the "wait and watch" after your death. Once you've experienced a fatal injury, you must wait for the next rotation to start before you can join again - you do not just spawn again and start shooting. This really adds a ton fear your efforts to stay alive and complete your goals. But as I said before, short rotation, so you do not have to wait too long before you can jump in the action again.

No wonder, the user interface is very Half-Life-esque. Gamers who have played Half-Life or any other arena for the game will not have a problem with the menu system. Although for the first time user interface easy to use, or fumble through. The only thing that even some we stumble into the interface "Update" on page server. First time users can be ambiguous to think this means update my version of CS. Not true, it really means is the game server list. Other but the interface easy to navigate and easier to navigate.

 Just about the only aspect of this game that we can make negative comments about the sound. Sure, guns sound realistic is the place above, we only wish that similar detailed attention was given to all voices in the game. Several floors have light and thunder. When the thunder crash it sounds a bit cowardly. We hope for some deeper bass and clear sound of clapping the flash. In most level user can enter or exit the building, the sound of their footsteps should also be changed to reflect what type of surface, they walk on. Voice in the footsteps getting closer and closer also has improved. As it stands now, it is difficult to know how far down the hallway or the way a man is not better than you by voice alone.

So how long before this point? Where we have played this game for over a year now and we still can not get enough it. Are we bored? Hell no! We are still surprised by how fun this game. This game is actually some of us scream like school girls, little after getting sniped from a high angle is not forecast. Instead some of us were available to stand up and scream obscene on the monitor. I think we just need to get them in time to come!

In short, if you're looking for the next step in online first person shooters, it was not seen again. CS is a fast paced, powerful, and satisfying - this game will not disappoint. This is one of the best arena for the greatest shooter of all time first, and the retail package is filled with good CS multiplayer. If you love playing online shooters, get this package!

Trailer Counter Strike Carbon

Minimum System Requirements :

1.2 GHz Processor,
256MB RAM,
DirectX 7 level graphics card,
Windows XP,
Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

Recommended System Requirements:

2.4 GHz Processor,
512MB RAM,
DirectX 9 level graphics card,
Windows XP/Vista/7,
Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

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