Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PC Games Tips Blog of Black Ops II Trailer

GamerDuomo offers PC gamers around the world the latest tips and advice. In his latest blog post, John Cummings announces the exciting launch of the official Black Ops II Trailer.
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Today, John Cummings at GamerDuomo published his latest post, titled “Black Ops II”.
PC gaming fans can access the new blog post here:

In his latest blog post, John announces his excitement at the release of the official Black Ops II trailer.
He explains that he doesn’t normally get excited at the launch of a new version of Call of Duty, due to the game always resembling the original version.

However, after seeing the trailer for Black Ops II, John admits he feels a little different.
“Finally, Treyarch caught onto this and did something to get the Call of Duty franchise out of its rut,” he says.
John continues to explain that the latest version of Call of Duty is poised to be very different from its predecessors.

The first change John notes is that the game is set well into the future – in 2025.
“It looks like you ride horseback for part of it. You can fly jets. Futuristic jets to be exact,” he adds.
John also shows his excitement at the amount new gear available in Black Ops II. In fact, from watching the trailer, John admits to seeing a lot of items and weaponry that was so new he didn’t recognise it.
Finally, John gives an honest opinion that he believes Black Ops II will be awesome.

“I generally like the Treyarch COD games way more than Activision’s, mainly because they try new things, which is extremely appearent in the new Black Ops II,” John explains.
To conclude his latest blog post, John provides his readers with a link to the official Black Ops II trailer.
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