Monday, May 21, 2012

Elemental Shaman PvP Guide

Greetings, elemental shaman. While many believe that elemental shamans have too bad survival for Arena at the moment, some have been seen on really high rating. Especially playing with a boomkin and healer in 3v3. The burst damage is still really high, and if you know how to use and time it right you will definitely be able to land some major burst damage.

The elemental shaman should focus on knocking people down with thunderstorm at the beginning of Arenas, and then saving the next thunderstorm for a time where the enemy is on low to knock down the rest of the team.

The elemental shaman should use his offensive cooldowns at the same time as the other DPSer in his Arena team, making sure that when they are used, the enemy doesn't have too many defensive abilities ready for use. Since it's burst it's all about with elemental shamans, you actually want to land a kill when you use your offensive cooldowns such as elemental mastery and perhaps a spellpower trinket. Make sure that your opponent cant go outside of line of sight when you nuke him, try to be pretty close unless it's a melee DPSer you're nuking, because that could prove to do more bad than good.

In duels against melee classes, the elemental shaman should always start with earthbind totem to root the target in place, then run away, kite and cast. After the melee class has reached you again, the ele sham should use thunderstorm and then frost shock. There are several good ways of kiting as an elemental shaman, but if you use all your kite cooldowns at once, you won't be able to kite for very long.

The frost shock ghost wolf combination has always worked very well for melee DPSers that cannot counter it one way or another, like retribution paladins with hand of freedom or warriors with charge and fear, but still even they can be kited if you do it right.

In arenas, the ele sham should stay pretty far in the background. They are always one of the first to be nuked in any BG, especially rated BGs. Make sure that you stay pretty far in the background and try to save your knockbacks and roots until you really need them the most, don't waste them. Wasting your kiting CDs is almost always the reason why the elemental shaman goes down very fast when he is being switched on in a Battleground.
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