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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PES 2012) Review

PES 2012
Review PES 2012 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PES 2012) is abbreviated and officially recognized as the Globe Soccer: Success Eleven 2012 in Asia) is the eleventh edition of Pro Evolution Soccer in the collection was developed and printed by Konami with production assistance from Tim Blue Sky.

Like the previous version of the video game, it will again be held at licensed by UEFA to combine the Champions League, European League and the UEFA Super Cup UEFA competition actually licensed in addition to a license from the CONMEBOL Copa Santander Libertadores for the attribute.

PES 2012 can have an improved AI system the previous iteration. It will also increase the fluidity and the referee on the standard (the inclusion of the full benefit rules, the referee pulled play back for bookings following the ball out of play).

Deletion bug "catch-up", no matter where defenders will catch the attacker to dribble too soon, regardless of the tempo of the attacker might be a problem solved. Goalkeeper (including new animation and show goalkeepers are usually much more prominent).

Partly as a result of affinity EA Sports' to obtain special privileges for its collection of FIFA, the game is historically not had the sheer volume of licenses present in EA offerings, the absence of the most notable being the German Bundesliga. As such, staff shirts, name, and players may not be accurate.

PES 2012 Cover
PES 2012 Cover

Master League mode, providing one of the crew handles his / her choice. At first, many gamers are all generic, fictional players, however this was later changed to give consumers the option to change the settings and choose to play with default player.

The players become cult figures to many individuals enjoy the Master League. The goal would be to use players and achieve a factor in winning games, cups and leagues.

Utilizing factors obtained to purchase real players to join the group. Finally, some one should really end up with a group of skilled players.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Pes 2012 Gameplay
Since Konami Winning Eleven translate and release it to the global market, the popularity of Winning Eleven changed its name to the Pro Evolution Soccer unparalleled. Moreover, Konami is arguably almost constantly innovating in the latest series is presented.

Not only to equip themselves with increased visual and animation, Konami also continue its efforts to produce a more realistic playing experience and competitive. After passing through a variety of evolution and revolution, Pro Evolution Soccer finally arrived at his form today: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012!

A football game was always able to deliver a competitive atmosphere that makes the adrenaline racing with racing. No wonder so many players who use it as a medium to pass the time.

Regardless of the simplicity of control that he stretcher, a sports game, football in particular, also requires skill and strategy of the players.

Capitalize luck trying to win with it? Almost impossible. Therefore, there is no better game to complain to each other than the ability of a football game.

In the gaming industry itself, there are only two football game franchise that still managed to win the hearts of gamers: from Electronic Arts FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami.

Never get bored? In addition to the competitive atmosphere is presented, Konami also consistently present a variety of the latest innovations in each series. So there is every reason to continue menjajalnya.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is living proof of the seriousness of Konami PES to deliver a better experience. Various modes and innovations presented a new control scheme to ensure gamers get to play the style they want.
PES 2012 Player Edit
PES 2012 Player edit
PES 2012 Games Control

AI is more intelligent, team mate controls, presented at support to pass it. Having had a charming first impression of the demo version, a chance to try full version of PES 2012 finally arrived in front of the eye.

So what new things are obtained from the full version is? In addition to the present mode are all open, team selection and player list has also been updated on the latest season. Visualization is also a significant increase than the demo version, including a variety of animation in it. Would need more time to explore each new feature and fashion in 2012 PES this.

Visualization and animation

In the demo version, the graphics quality is presented by PES 2012 looks no different than the version of PES 2011, still carrying the visualization of nearly the same. However, when tested full versionnya, admittedly Konami make corrections here and there to produce a much more realistic impression.

Various detail looks more impressive in this new series, especially the imaging of the players who competed in the field. You will be able to recognize each of them a lot better. Details shown on the concept of the field and costumes also have thumbs.

Animated movement within the Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 also experienced significant changes. The players move with the groove that feels softer and smoother, but still does not eliminate an unrealistic impression of trying to build Konami.

Not only that, various additional movements that previously did not exist in previous series now also added, from the style of kick, fall, survive, to celebrate a goal. You will be able to see the hard work of Konami to bring up the real field experience better.

Visualization and animation is a reform that improves the quality of PES 2012, Konami, but also comes with new surprises. They add a little dramatization which was built over a plot for the two major modes: "Master League" and "Become A Legend".

If in the previous series, you just need to pass a few simple steps and taken straight to the core game, PES 2012 series there is little plot to be recognized, where you play as a coach and a player who has just been recruited and the need for satisfactory progress memperilhatkan parties hire you. A pretty good move with a relatively good visualization.

PES 2012 Game Plans

If we are talking about one of the most important mode in Pro Evolution Soccer, the Game Plans certainly be the most crucial. Through this menu, you can organize all the things needed to win a match.

Call it the formation, the composition of players, the strategy of attack and defense, to the role of each player. Game plans to be a basic requirement that must be accessible to players before the start of a match.

Mode which is the ultimate key to show your best skills as a gamer PES, even dominate.

In PES 2012, the display is not much different game plan than the previous series. You can change the position of the player by simply moving their names in and out of the field.

Status of the players can also directly read once you pick one or two of these players, you make it easier to compare their abilities. In essence, nothing much changed in terms of look, just add the players face each time you choose their names. But is not overhaul the Konami game plan at all?

If you look closely, the menu at the bottom shows a new option - Preset Tactics, amounting to four units. Have you ever felt that having a strategy in the game just is not enough?

That such a real coach, you should have the ability to change its strategy in accordance with the conditions of the game you are facing? This is accommodated by the Preset Tactis try this. What is greatness?

Through each of these Tactis Preset, you can apply different strategies to each other, from the starting lineup on the field until the formation and strategies that will be used.

By maximizing the Preset four-Tactics are available, you have the opportunity to present a more flowing style of play and adaptive to the conditions.

You just press a certain button (d-pad right if you turn off the function of motion) to activate the Preset tactis and continue to change the strategy you use directly in the field. Simple and easy to master. An innovation that deserves thumbs up.

The main features are presented in the Konami PES 2012 is the opportunity to drive the other players using the new control scheme called Teammate Controls.

Reflecting complaints PES gamers sometimes refer to AI friends who are less adaptive to read the motion and style of play, Konami brings freedom through this new control scheme.

Now, gamers no longer need to rely on sheer cleverness AI, you can also instruct the other players to move forward or move as you see fit.

Konami adapt via the right analog functions are easily controlled. You just press the right analog to control and direct the player directly.

If you do an automatic configuration Teammate menu controls, then you can just ask him to run forward. If the manual configuration of the living, then you can ask him to move anywhere.

Admittedly, not easy to move the two players at once, especially when the game moves so fast. It takes practice and work extra hard to master these controls teammate.

Teammate controls are also works in almost all "dead ball" in the game. You just point the right analog to control the players on the field and made it a target ball.

Corner kicks, free kicks, throw ins to use the same mechanism. You select a player who can run and move freely, looking for a position that you think are appropriate and more likely to score a goal. The same thing applies when you survive.

You just move the right analog to determine which player you want to use to survive, more concise and "on target" than using the conventional buttons to switch players.

With a Teammate Controls the functions of this innovative, whether gamers will feel a different experience of PES 2012? Unfortunately, no. Although you can use it freely, but fast paced game that often makes you impossible to apply this function to the right.

Not just ask the players in front to belari, you also have to measure the strength of the players passing on the left analog to this strategy works perfect. Easy? Factors into account offside, players should be avoided, and the right angle. When you think about all this, the ball was already captured by the opponent.

Besides the ability to insert Konami is already a much more adaptive AI in this series. Your heart will be enough berlega see your attacker will automatically run forward when conditions so allow for a through pass, for example.

Combine this with the style manual control Teammate Controls may sound like the perfect concept, but the reality is not too overly maximum effect.

This may be part of what makes PES 2012 is almost a game that makes me frustrated. Konami desire to present a more realistic playing experience actually entailed in the comfort of playing a slightly reduced.

Why? They decided to make every player on the gridiron to be too "sensitive", if you do not want to call it spoiled.

Gamers who've played PES 2011 will understand that light tackle is often effective to win the ball in the opponent a short distance away. The movement is still considered "soft" because it seldom knockdown and trigger whistle foul.

But in PES 2012, you will be hostile to the name of this tackle. If in the past, you can do with peace, so in this latest series, you should think again.

A tackle from the wrong side will easily trigger a knockdown and the referee's whistle sounded. Your intention to simply grab the ball often ended in a free kick, over and over in one game. Very disturbing.

Konami PES Classic Problem

How often was Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer bring to the game industry, one problem that is likely to continue to be present. Absolutely, we're talking about a licensing issue and update the player who had never successfully handled by Konami.

You still will find a team with strange names, such as the North London for Arsenal, Manchester City to Blue Man, and so on PES 2012 is.

Although you are accustomed to playing PES was familiar with the "replacement name" of this team, but would not it be perfect if Konami can reach every license?

The second classic problem, the update list of the players who do not follow football the last condition is still found. Although it was released at the end of the year, Konami is still present in the team lineup based on the transfer market earlier this year.

Some teams get the latest updates, but not least also still on the old lineup that has spread elsewhere.

The most obvious example: Inter still have Eto'o and Arsenal still keep Fabregas. Indeed, this would be resolved with the official Konami patch update that is certain to be released in the next few weeks.

Conclusions about PES 2012

Improved visualization, animation, and dramatization may be the most visible points of PES 2012, bringing the elements that can spoil the pemainnnya for a very long time.

Tactis preset features that were created to bring a more dynamic game deserve a tribute, at least make the gamer is now better able to react appropriately in accordance with the conditions of the last field.

Changing role of the last teams to attack in full by only relying on one simple button is bound to be a viable additional capabilities are exploited.

Konami is trying to present some new features in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, but unfortunately not everything can be said to be successful. The concept of teammate controls must thumbs up, an innovation that is quite perfect to accommodate the needs of gamers will control a greater role in creating a style of play.

But difficult to apply in a match that lasted nearly quickly create one feature is as useless at all.

You would be more comfortable playing with the usual style of play as the previous series, only this time it will be strengthened with better AI and adaptive. Teammate controls? It takes more effort and commitment to learn it.

Indeed, PES 2012 still leaves the problems of classic Konami never able to be resolved, but that does not mean the whole game is not worthy to enjoy.

PES 2012 is still the game is addictive, competitive, and interesting to play, especially for fans of the football game.

A strong spirit of competition will make the above-mentioned shortcomings become less meaningful. Although the basic things like foul tackles and whistles that often sound will be quite influential in the comfort of playing.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Trailer :

PC System Requirements :

- OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 and above. Latest Direct X installed
- Video Cards: Nvidia GeForce 6600 and up, ATI Radeon X1300 and above
- RAM: 1 GB minimum. 2GB recommended
- Pentium 2.4 GHZ
- Available Disk Space of around 8 GB
- Sound Cards: DirectX 9c and up compatible

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