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The History And Development Of Games

The history of computer gaming technology is directly associated with the development of the computer itself. Computers with high-speed processor, the graphics are more close to reality, and greater storage media is meant to meet the needs in playing games.

Before beginning, we will first understand what the meaning of the game (computer game). Game is an interactive game that requires the computer to play. The computer program receives input from the player via the controller and displays the built environment through a TV or monitor screen.

The first generation Game

In 1952, at the University of Cambridge, USA Douglas wrote a thesis for his PhD degree on an interaction between computers and humans. In his thesis, he created a computer game than a traditional game called Tic-Tac-Toe. The game is programmed with a computer-EDVAC vacuum tube which has a layer of cathode ray tubes (CRT).

Later in the year 1958. William Haginbotham create video games first. In contrast to Douglas, his first video game called Tennis for Two which were created and played in osciloscope.

But the first computer game that actually created using a real computer was Spacewar. It was in the '60s, computers were very luxury goods. And the computer is usually used for research purposes in the military. But a guy named Steve Russell has an interest in other things. He and his friends very nge-fan with a science fiction story titled essay Skylark Edward E Smith. From there they made a game called Spacewar. Incidentally, too, Steve Russell works using a mainframe computer named MIT PDP-1 that was used to calculate statistics. With the computer's why he made Spacewar in 1961.

 The second generation games

In 1971, Nolan Bushnell, together with Ted Dabney created a genre of arcade games were the first. Named Computer Space, was based on Spacewar game. In 1972, Nolan and Ted started Atari computer. Then he developed a game called Pong that is the first game available for the public. Because the previous games is only in the mainframe computer for enjoyment alone. Pong origins began when Nolan wanted to make the game simple and easy to understand. With memory and micro processor low class, limited processing capability and the graphics are simple, he finally makes an electronic version of ping pong game which later became Pong.

A little interlude, Pong and then evolved into a game called Breakout. Game was created by Steve Jobs for Atari. From there, his friend Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started thinking to create a PC. Then they borrowed all the equipment used in the project Breakout and create a prototype called Apple I. and it is the embryo of Apple Macintosh computers that exist today.

In 1980, Atari issued a game called Asteroids and Lunar Lander. The second game was the first game listed in the copyright office to get a patent. Asteroids is a game full of new innovations in graphics. Instead of using the method of raster, vector graphics of this game is a line like the one on osciloscope.

Introduction Atari Video Computer System (Atari 2600) with normal CPU and slots for tape, into a new era in the gaming world. In 1980 it also showed that increased sales of PCs used for gaming.

And the computer now competes with machines like the PS or Xbox console. And the computer not only as an engine for business purposes only, but also for entertainment such as games.

Summary History

Although the history of the game lasts for five decades, the game itself was not popular until the late 1970s. The following is a summary of the history of games and development.

1958: Physicist makes first video that resembles a table tennis sport.

1961: Steve Russell, a student at MIT create the first interactive computer game called spacewar.

1966: Ralph Baer creates an interactive game using a television.

1971: Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney made the arcade version of Spacewar, the Computer Space.

1972: Bushnell and Dabney founded Atari. The first game released by atari pong title.

1975: The first computer game was released, the gunfight.

1976: Coleco released the first video game console, called Telstar.

1977: Atari introduces the cartridge-based video game known as atari 2600.

1978: Atari introduced the trackball in a football game.

1978: Midway release of Space Invaders which is the first arcade game featuring the highest score.

1979: Atari consoles to try to develop a hologram named Cosmos. But the console was never released.

Asteroid 1979 is the first game to enter the 3 characters letters to owners of the highest scores are stored in the machine.

1980: Activision become a vendor of video games.

1980: 300,000 units Pac-Man was released by Namco.

1981: Bil Kunkel and Arnie Katz publishes the first gaming magazine called Electronic Games.

1982: Atari released the Atari 5200 to compete with Coleco.

1983: Nintendo's entry into the Japanese market.

1985: Game Tetris was developed by Russian programmer Alex Pajitnov.

1986: Nintendo NES was released in the United States.

1986: Sega introduced the Sega Master System (SMS) to compete with NES.

1986: Atari produces the Atari 7800.

1989: Nintendo's Game Boy handheld market products.

1991: Nintendo released the Super NES in the United States.

1993: Atari releases the Jaguar, the first 64 bit console on the market.

1994: Sega Saturn and Sony's PlayStation debuted in Japan

1995: Sony's PlayStation in the U.S. market.

1995: Nintendo released the Nintendo 64 in Japan.

1996: Virtual Pet Tamagotchi Fever swept Japan and the United States.

1997: PlayStation game consoles became popular.

1998: Sega Dreamcast introduced in Japan. This console works on Microsoft Windows CE.

2000: Sony PlayStation 2 was released in the United States and become a new phenomenon.

2000: Game of The Sims was released and became the most popular games.

2001: Microsoft introduced the Xbox with a built-in hardrive and ethernet ports. Nintendo introduced the GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

2004: Sony PSP producing, high-resolution portable console.

2004: Microsoft created the Xbox 360 to compete with Sony.

2006: Nintendo marketing the Wii, the revolutionary gaming console.

2006: Sony released the PlayStation 3, the console is sophisticated but expensive.

2008: Grand Theft Auto 4 the highest record sales in the first week after release.

2009: Nintendo Wii Sports video game became a best seller.

Similarly, a summary of the history and development of games from year to year. Which game you ever played?


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